Republican Primary: The Rapid Narrowing

Republican Primary: The Rapid Narrowing

Republican Primary, Imagine a big race where important grown-ups want to be the leader of the country. This is what’s happening in a place called New Hampshire. But guess what? Only two friends are still in the race!

Republican Primary : Goodbye, Friends!

Before the race even started in New Hampshire, some friends decided to stop running. It’s like when you and your friends play tag, and some friends say, “I’m done, you can keep running!”

Republican Primary: The Rapid Narrowing

Republican Primary : Trump and Haley in the Lead

Now, only two friends are left running super fast. One friend is called Donald Trump, and the other friend is Nikki Haley. They really, really want to be the leader!

Republican Primary : DeSantis Says Bye

There was another friend named Ron DeSantis, but he said, “I’m done with the race.” Sometimes, friends decide they don’t want to play the game anymore.

Republican Primary : The Big Chart

Grown-ups like to use charts to show things. There’s a special chart showing how fast the friends are leaving the race. It’s like when you see who is winning in your favorite game.

Iowa and New Hampshire

The race started in a place called Iowa, and now it’s in New Hampshire. Friends usually leave the race after these two places. It’s like when you have a big race, and some friends get tired and stop running.

Only Trump and Haley Left

In 2016, many friends were in the race, but after a little while, only Donald Trump was left. Now, in 2024, after just one week, only Nikki Haley is still running! That’s super fast!

Shortest Race Ever

This year’s race might be one of the fastest races in a long time. Usually, the race takes a long time, but now it’s ending very quickly. It’s like when you finish your yummy ice cream in just a few bites.

Remembering the Past

In the old race in 2016, the friends kept running for more than 90 days. But now, it’s like a super-speed race, and we might know who the winner is very soon!

Trump’s Big Win

Donald Trump won lots of places in Iowa. He got more votes than before! It’s like when you play a game and get the highest score. Trump is a good player in the election game!

Haley’s Third Place

Nikki Haley did her best, but she came in third place. It’s okay because she still has more races to run. Maybe next time, she will run even faster and get more votes!