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How to Watch Hulu in Iceland [3 Easy Steps in May 2023]

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Is Hulu available in Iceland? No, it is not officially available in Iceland as it is geo-restricted to the US only, but you can use Hulu in Iceland through VPN. We highly recommend ExpressVPN.


Let’s dig into the article to know a little deeper about how to watch Hulu in Iceland:

How to Get Hulu in Iceland in [3 Quick Steps in May 2023]:

You just need to follow these easy steps to watch Hulu in Iceland:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Login and connect with a US server.
  3. Visit the Hulu App and start streaming right away.

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Access Hulu in Iceland?

To put it in simple words, Hulu is not available to stream in Iceland and is only accessible in the US. Your IP address is connected to your local network.

As a result, Hulu detects that you’re trying to access the service from Iceland and instantly disables your IP address. If you try to access Hulu in Iceland without a VPN, you’ll get the following error message:

“Hulu is unavailable in your location.”

hulu in Iceland location error
hulu in Iceland location error

However, if you use a Virtual Private Network, you can swap out your local IP with a US-based one. In this way, Hulu will think you’re in the United States and grant you access to their service.

Out of the best-recommended VPN providers, ExpressVPN is our top choice to access Hulu in Iceland.

3 Best VPNs to Watch Hulu in Iceland [Quick Overview in May 2023]

outstreambinge has tested more than 50+ VPN providers and chose the 3 best VPNs for you guys:

  1. ExpressVPN – The best VPN to get Hulu in Iceland. With more than 3000 servers located all over the world, this VPN network is trustworthy and safe. In the USA, it has 20 highly optimized servers. The annual bundle from ExpressVPN costs $6.67/month and includes three months of free use.
  2. Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN to get Hulu in Iceland. It is an affordable VPN that has over 3200 servers spread out over the world and is available for $2.49/month for a 2-year bundle. In the USA, Surfshark provides more than 600 servers. 
  3. NordVPN – Largest server network to get Hulu in Iceland. This is a high-bandwidth VPN connection that has over 5200 servers spread out over the world. With 15 different locations, NordVPN offers you more than 1970 servers throughout the USA. For its 2-year bundle, NordVPN costs just $3.67 per month.

Access Hulu in Iceland with ExpressVPN Now!

Why Hulu is Blocked in Iceland in 2023 & How Can You Bypass its Geo-restriction via a VPN?

Hulu signs a deal limiting its content to US users only and hands up all control of its content to the producers to avoid copyright licensing concerns.

You can get around these restrictions if you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that conceals your real IP address and replaces it with a fake US one. You can access Hulu in Iceland by tricking the service into thinking you are located in the United States.

ExpressVPN has 25 highly optimized servers in the US that will help you connect to the fastest server.

3 Best VPNs to Watch Hulu in Iceland [Detailed Analysis in May 2023]

In our survey of more than 50 VPN providers, outstreambinge suggests 3 of the best VPN (recommended) service providers for you: 

ExpressVPN – Best VPN to watch Hulu in Iceland.

  • No matter how much research we do, ExpressVPN always remains at the top of the list. Express has unmatched reliability when it comes to unblocking shows and lightning-fast speeds.
  •  It consists of 20+ servers in the USA and over 3000 servers in 90+ countries, worldwide. 
  • You can subscribe to ExpressVPN’s 1-year package for just $6.67 per month and you will get 3-months extra.
  • It has the facility of 24/7 live chat and customer support. ExpressVPN is also compatible with almost all the devices like Smart TVs, Android phones and TVs, iOS, etc.
  • With ExpressVPN, you get 5 simultaneous connections and a 30-day money-back guarantee with a single subscription.
hulu in Iceland with expressvpn
hulu in Iceland with expressvpn

Unblock Hulu in Iceland with ExpressVPN Now!

Surfshark – Cheapest VPN to unblock Hulu in Iceland.

  • It has 3200+ servers in 65+ countries and 600+ US servers in 23+ cities, and all of them are protected by AES 256-bit encryption.
  • This VPN can also unblock other streaming platforms like
  • HBO Max in Canada, Sonyliv in Canada, CBS All Access outside USA, voot outside india so that you can watch all your favorite content.
  • Surfshark is also compatible with almost all the devices like Smart TVs, Android phones and TVs, iOS, etc. 
  • Every Surfshark subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 available customer support through live chat.
  • Its servers deliver incredible bandwidth and have extraordinary security measures.

hulu in Iceland with surfshark

Unblock Hulu in Iceland with Surfshark Now!

NordVPN – Reliable VPN to stream Hulu in Iceland.

  • NordVPN has over 5500 servers in 59 different locations, which clearly indicates why it can be a perfect choice. No need to look anywhere else if you’re looking for a trustworthy VPN with high-speed servers and quick access to unblock Hulu.
  • NordVPN was also among the few VPN providers that can really unblock Hulu. It charges US$ 3.49/mo – Save 60% on a 2 Years Deal.
  •  It manages to offer a super-fast downloading speed of 85.48 Mbps and an upload speed of 48.42 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection when connected to a server in the US.
  • It allows 6 simultaneous devices so you can also share them with your friends and family. For security, it has amazing features like Threat Protection, Kill Switch, and Split Tunneling.
  • It has the facility of 24/7 live chat and customer support. NordVPN is also compatible with almost all the devices like Smart TVs, Android phones and TVs, iOS, etc.

hulu in Iceland nordvpn

Unblock Hulu in Iceland with NordVPN

Should I Use Free VPN to Access Hulu in Iceland?

It is not advised to use a free VPN to access hulu in Iceland because Hulu knows that VPNs are used to get around its geo-restrictions. Hulu uses powerful anti-VPN software to reveal and ban IP addresses that come from VPN services.

Free VPN servers are insufficient to get over Hulu’s software’s restrictions because of this. As a result, we strongly advise customers to utilize a premium VPN from one of the providers mentioned above.

How to Get Hulu Subscription in Iceland (3 Alternative Methods)

Wondering how to get a Hulu subscription in Iceland? Here is what you are looking for!

Method 1: Buy Hulu Gift Card to Get Hulu in Iceland (Recommended)

These easy steps can mask your IP address, purchase a Hulu gift card from, and stream Hulu in Iceland over a secure connection.

  1. Visit and purchase a Hulu gift card.
  2. Once done, you’ll receive a code via email to sign up for a Hulu subscription within your region.
  3. Download and install ExpressVPN.
  4. Connect your device with ExpressVPN.
  5. Select the U.S. server from the servers list, and visit Hulu’s official website.
  6. Enter the code while signing up for the service.
  7. Boom, you’re all done with the services.

Method 2: Using American Virtual Card to Get Hulu in Iceland

  1. Use the State pay service to create a digital prepaid card.
  2. Create a PayPal account in the US with a virtual card.
  3. PayPal must be used to pay for the Hulu membership.
  4. Start Hulu streaming using an American Virtual Card.

Method 3: Ask Your American Family/Friends To friends to get Hulu Account For you:

If you have a friend in the US, it becomes quite simple for you to get a Hulu subscription. To sign up for a Hulu account in Italy, simply do the following:

  1. Log in to ExpressVPN and connect to a US server.
  2. Visit the Hulu website, click “Start your free trial,” and then choose your chosen plan (we suggest Hulu’s premium plan with no advertising costs $11.99/month) for ad-free viewing.
  3. You’ll then be told to sign up for Hulu. Enter your information, then select Continue.
  4. Following that, you must provide your billing details. This would have a US zip code and US credit card information. Simply enter a US zip code after searching for one on
  5. Google. (For instance, 02196, 77016, and 92617.)
  6. Click “Submit.” You’ve created your Hulu account.

How much Does Hulu Cost in Iceland?

Hulu has these 4 pocket-friendly plans for its viewers:

Hulu (With Ads) – $6.99 per month

  • Offer a 30-day free trial.
  • A single account can be accessed simultaneously by up to 6 individuals.
  • You can have access to all the US content, although there are ads that will disturb your streaming experience.

Hulu (Without Ads) – $12.99 per month

  • It offers a 30-day free trial.
  • Up to 6 users can stream a single account simultaneously.
  • You can have ads-free streaming of all the US content.

Hulu + Live TV – $69.99 per month

  • Enjoy the 65+ channels of Hulu Live TV.
  • It offers a 7-day free trial.
  • A single account can be accessed simultaneously by up to 6 individuals.
  • ESPN and Disney Plus are a bonus with this subscription.
  • Non-stop ads are the only drawback of this Hulu Live subscription.

Hulu (Without Ads) + Live TV – $75.99 per month

  • Enjoy the 65+ channels of Hulu Live TV.
  • A single account can be accessed simultaneously by up to 6 individuals.
  • ESPN and Disney Plus are a bonus with this subscription.
  • You will have access to stream your favorite shows on Hulu without any advertisements.

Why doesn’t my VPN work with Hulu?

Hulu may have blacklisted your VPN’s IP address if it’s not working.

This happens mostly with free VPNs with fewer IP addresses, so choose a VPN with many US servers to decrease the risk.

If you still can’t access Hulu, then try these quick fixes to get Hulu VPN to work in Iceland:

  1. Switch servers.
  2. This will connect you to a new, less likely-to-be-blocked US IP address.
  3. Delete the cache and cookies.
  4. These browser cookies may reveal your IP address when opening Hulu.
  5. IP and DNS leakage.
  6. The service is free to use and will instantly inform you if your VPN leaks your location.
  7. IPv6 leak protection is essential.
  8. This will prevent your device from leaking information outside of your server connection.
  9. You won’t have to struggle with buttons to disable IPv6.
  10. Contact VPN support.
  11. A trained agent will recommend Hulu-compatible servers and troubleshooting methods.
  12. If you’ve tried everything and still can’t access Hulu, sign up for a VPN that works with it. Try ExpressVPN for immediate and safe Hulu access. The VPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

How to Download Hulu App in Iceland

Downloading the Hulu app is as easy as ABC, but it requires a few technical steps. We have mentioned them below for your ease:

Get Hulu in Iceland on Android:

We’ll walk you through how to set up Hulu on Android devices below:

  • First, subscribe to ExpressVPN and sign up for it.
  • Next, connect to a US server.
  • Next, visit your Android device’s App Store.
  • Look for the Hulu app in the App Store and press Install to install it.
  • After installation, use the Hulu app to sign in with your credentials.
  • Hurray! To binge-watch your favorite series, you can effortlessly visit Hulu on Android.

Get Hulu in Iceland on IOS

Start by navigating Settings > Network and setting your Apple ID’s region to the United States.

  • Install the ExpressVPN app and sign up.
  • After logging in, open the app and connect with a US server.
  • Search for the Hulu app in the App Store.
  • Install the application and create an account.
  • You can now start using Hulu to view your favorite shows.

On What Devices Can I Watch Hulu Iceland?

These are the devices that are compatible with Hulu Iceland:

  • Hulu on Apple TV
  • Hulu on Mac
  • Hulu on iOS
  • Hulu on Android TV
  • Hulu on Chromecast
  • Hulu on Android TV
  • Hulu on Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick
  • Hulu on LG Tv
  • Hulu on the Nintendo Switch
  • Hulu on PC
  • Hulu on Ps4/ps5
  • Hulu on Roku

What’s on Hulu Iceland in 2023?

Are you unsure of what to watch on movie night? Let’s clear up the confusion by listing the hand-selected films and TV shows:

Best Shows to Watch on Hulu in Iceland:

Here is the list of the best shows to watch on Hulu:

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Good Problem
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Dopesick
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Pam & Tommy
  • Mrs. America
  • Love, victor
  • How I Met Your Father
  • The Story of the Slave
  • A Million Little Things
  • Letterkenny

Best Movies to Watch on Hulu in Iceland:

Below-mentioned is the list of best movies to watch on Hulu:

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines
  • Deep Water
  • Water Stability
  • No Exit
  • American Horror stories
  • Hell Hath, No Fury
  • Dead Sleep
  • You are probably known
  • Nightmare Alley
  • The King’s Man

Hulu Channels list:

There are more than 65 channels on Hulu, including these popular channels:

  • A&E
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CBS Sports Network
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Discovery Channel
  • Animal Planet
  • Bravo
  • Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • DisneyXD
  • E!
  • ESPN

Other Countries to access Hulu:

Is it possible to watch Hulu in Iceland? Hulu uses geo-blocking to prevent its content from being available outside the United States due to copyright restrictions and contractual limitations; thus, you cannot access your Hulu account from Iceland.

However, with ExpressVPN’s strong security features, you can unblock Hulu in the following geo-blocked countries:

FAQs on Hulu Iceland

In which country is Hulu available?

Hulu is only available in the United States and a few places in Japan. You must connect to a US server to stream Hulu outside the United States. Choose ExpressVPN for a reliable connection.

What makes Hulu different from Hulu Plus?

You can watch the latest season of a show in addition to the whole library of episodes with Hulu Plus, while commercials and ads are still present. Like Netflix and Amazon, Hulu offers a collection of Hulu originals.

What is the ZIP code for Hulu in Iceland?

You must enter a US ZIP code while signing up for Hulu in Iceland. Search Google for a US ZIP code (i.e; 90210).

Can I download Hulu shows?

Many Hulu shows and movies are available for download for subscribers to Hulu (no ads) and Hulu (no ads) + Live TV. Watching Hulu on your Android or iOS device allows you to watch your favorite shows even when you’re offline.

Is watching Hulu in Iceland with a VPN legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal in Iceland to watch Hulu. Until then, you are not doing anything wrong. However, we advise you to read the country’s restrictions before connecting.

Can you watch Hulu in Iceland?

Sadly, you can not watch Hulu in Iceland due to geographical restrictions. However, if you use a VPN to connect to a server in the United States, you can access it. The winner is ExpressVPN.

Is Hulu available for free in Iceland?

If you live in Iceland, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Hulu’s Basic Plan (which is not free but allows you to stream free for 30 days). You are free to cancel at any moment before being charged.

When is Hulu coming to Iceland?

There is no official news of Hulu coming to Iceland anytime soon, as soon as we receive any news we will update you.

How do I unblock my Hulu account?

Previously, we mentioned that Hulu is only available within the United States and that to unblock it from Iceland, you would need to subscribe to a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. This is the best way to trick Hulu location.

Wrapping it up!

And that concludes our discussion. Hulu is geo-blocked outside the US, but because I care deeply about my readers and want to provide them with reliable content, I have covered the alternate method: using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the content.

ExpressVPN is a leading VPN provider among the recommendations mentioned above.

Leave a comment below if you have any other concerns about using Hulu in Iceland, and we’ll try to address them in the next post!

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