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How to Watch Kayo Sports in UK [Updated Guide in April 2023]

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Are Kayo sports working in UK? No, it doesn’t work in the UK without a VPN. You can watch Kayo Sports in UK with a premium ExpressVPN.


Are you interested in getting more information about how you can watch Kayo Sports in UK? Then keep on reading this article for further details.

How to Watch Kayo Sports in UK [5 Simple Guide April 2023]

To watch Kayo Sports in the UK, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

  1. Register and pay for a premium VPN. We advise using ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and set up the app.
  3. Enter your login information to access a secure Australian server.
  4. Access the Kayo Sports official site.
  5. Join now to watch your favorite sporting events.

Unblock Kayo Sports in UK

What is Kayo Sports?

Kayo sports is an Australian streaming site on which you can watch whatever sports you love. Even though it is an Australian site that can not be accessible anywhere else, we suggest you use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Kayo Sports in UK.

Why You Need a VPN to Unblock Kayo Sports in UK?

Kayo sports is a famous streaming site on its way to soon reaching the skies. But it is geo-restricted in UK because of its copyright problems. So it is only accessible in Australia to Australian sports fans.

However, if you will try to watch Kayo Sports in UK then you will receive this type of error:   

“Kayo sports access denied.”


Get a premium VPN on your device so you can easily watch Kayo sports in the UK without restrictions. 

3 Best Kayo Sports VPNs to Overcome the Geo-restriction in UK [Quick Overview April 2023]

We have listed down the features of 3 best VPNs:

  1. ExpressVPN: This VPN network is reliable and secure, with more than 3000 servers spread across the globe. It has 20 highly optimized servers in the USA. ExpressVPN offers a yearly package for $6.67/month for three months of free service.
  2. Surfshark: With more than 3200 servers spread all over the globe, it is a reasonably priced VPN that is offered for $2.49/month for a 2-year bundle. Surfshark offers more than 600 servers throughout the USA.
  3. NordVPN: This is a high-bandwidth VPN connection with more than 5200 servers spread around the globe. NordVPN gives you more than 1970 servers around the USA from 15 different locations. NordVPN’s 2-year bundle only costs $3.67 a month.

Unblock Kayo Sports in UK

3 Reliable VPNs to Watch Kayo Sports in UK [Detailed Analysis in April 2023]

Here we have discussed the best 3 VPNs you can use to watch Kayo Sports in UK in depth:


For a smooth streaming experience, ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN. provides you with a simultaneous connection of 5 devices. it has 3000+ worldwide servers and 5 Australian locations. The monthly subscription fee is $12.95. Save 49% on a 1-year plan with 6.67 dollars per month and 3 extra months. they also offer a 30-day return policy with a refund.


  • 30 Days money-back guarantee. 
  • Works with Kayo sports in the UK.
  • Supports 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Verified & Audited “No-Logs” Policy
  • Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands
  • 7-Day Free Trial on iOS and Android
  • 3000+ Servers in 94+ Countries


  • A bit expensive.
kayo sports in uk with expressvpn
kayo sports in uk with expressvpn

Unblock Kayo Sports in UK with ExpressVPN Now


It is a reasonable VPN that offers a cost-effective solution. It provides a connection of an infinite number of devices at once with 3200+ worldwide servers and 6 Australian locations. The monthly subscription fee is $12.95. Save 82% on the two-year plan with 2.30 dollars per month and two more months; also have a thirty-day refund period.


  • Unblocks Kayo sports in UK.
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • AES-256-CBC and AES-256-GCM
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
  • 7-Day Free Trial for iOS/Android
  • Based in the British Virgin Islands
  • 3,200+ Servers in 65+ Countries


  • A broader audit is required.
kayo sports in uk with surfshark
kayo sports in uk with surfshark

Unblock Kayo Sports in UK with Surfshark


A trustworthy VPN for secure streaming. Provides simultaneous connection of 6 devices. 5200+ worldwide servers and 172 Australian locations. The monthly subscription fee is $11.95 Either the 1-year or 2-year plan will save you 58% or 70%. They also have a 30-day return policy with a refund.


  • Works with Kayo sports in the UK.
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Supports 6 Simultaneous Connections
  • Dedicated IP Addresses Available
  • Based in Panama (Safe Jurisdiction)
  • 7-Day Free Trial on Android & iOS
  • 5,200+ Servers in 59+ Countries


  • Faces some downtime issues.
kayo sports in uk with nordvpn
kayo sports in uk with nordvpn

Why Kayo Sports Is not accessible In UK?

Because it is available only in Australia. Kayo sports is a geo-restricted streaming site that can not access even in UK without a VPN. If you are a fan of Australian sports, then you only need a reliable VPN and can watch Kayo sports in UK easily.

Can a Free VPN be used to watch Kayo Sports In UK?

Yes, many individuals use free VPNs, but doing so is never advised due to the low level of protection it offers and the strong possibility that your privacy will be exposed.

How can I Subscribe to Kayo Sports in UK?

Here are a few quick and simple steps to purchase Kayo sports in the UK:

  1. Join a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  2. Enter your login information and connect to an Australian server.
  3. Visit the Kayo Sports webpage.
  4. Select “Sign in”.
  5. Select the preferred subscription option.
  6. Complete all the information and submit.
  7. Your Kayo account is already set up.

Subscribe Kayo Sports with ExpressVPN

How Much Does Kayo Sports cost in UK?

There are 3 different plans through which you can subscribe to Kayo sports in UK: 

One Subscription Plan:

  • You will pay $25 (£14.19) every month for it.
  • only one active device.
  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Watch sports in high definition.

Basic Subscription Plan:

  • Your monthly payment will be $27.50 (£15.60).
  • Two devices can be connected at the same time.
  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Watch sports in high definition.

Premium Subscription Plan:

  • You will pay $35 (£19.85) every month for it.
  • Three devices can be connected at once.
  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Watch sports in high definition.


How to troubleshoot Kayo Sports buffering issue in UK? [4 Easy Quick Fixes]

By following these instructions, you can troubleshoot the buffering problems with Kayo Sports.

  1. Change to a different live channel.
  2. Adjust the position of your gadget.
  3. Restart your modem or router
  4. Verify the availability of your network connection.

Kayo Sports Device Compatibility in UK

These are the devices compatible with Kayo sports in UK:

Kayo Sports For Android users in UK

You may watch Kayo Sports on Android by doing the following:

  1. Download the ExpressVPN app and sign up for an account.
  2. Enter your login information.
  3. Connect to the Australian server.
  4. Download the Play Store version of the Kayo Sports app.
  5. Register to open an account.
  6. Now, you can stream your preferred content.

Kayo Sports For iOS Users in UK

To download Kayo Sports to your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ExpressVPN app and subscribe to a plan.
  2. Sign in and connect to a server in Australia.
  3. Go to the Apple store and download the Kayo Sports app.
  4. Open a brand-new account.
  5. Launch a stream whenever you like.

Kayo Sports For Roku Users in UK

The following instructions will let you install Kayo Sports on Roku:

  1. Install ExpressVPN on your computer.
  2. Switch the configuration to Roku.
  3. Visit the Roku Channel Store.
  4. Find Kayo Sports online and download it.
  5. Click Kayo Sports to open the channel list.
  6. All the popular shows are now available to view.

Kayo Sports For PlayStation Users in UK

To access Kayo Sports on PlayStation, follow these steps: 

  1. Install your console first.
  2. Install ExpressVPN.
  3. To connect to the Australian server, log in.
  4. Look for “TV/Video Services on the PlayStation.”
  5. Look up DStv and select “Get”.
  6. There is a new entry in your list of channels.
  7. The Kayo Sports library is now available for streaming.

Kayo Sports For Xbox Users in UK

You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Set your Xbox.
  2. Install ExpressVPN.
  3. Log in and connect to an Australian server.
  4. Select Xbox Store under My games and applications.
  5. Quickly look up Kayo Sports.
  6. Download the software.
  7. You’re prepared to play your personal favorites.

Kayo Sports For Kodi Users in UK

To get Kayo Sports onto Kodi, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and download the application to your computer.
  2. Transfer the VPN software to Kodi using a USB.
  3. Go to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons > Unknown Sources.
  4. Activate ExpressVPN using the application.
  5. Install Kodi.
  6. To download Kayo Sports, look for it in the Add-ons.
  7. You’re prepared to begin watching.

Kayo Sports For Firestick Users in UK

Here are some steps to get Kayo Sports on Firestick:

  1. Open your Firestick device.
  2. Go to Apps > Categories > Utility.
  3. Find ExpressVPN and click on the “Get” option.
  4. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  5. Log in to connect with the Australian server.
  6. Visit the Amazon App store and search for Kayo Sports.
  7. Click on “Get” to start the download.
  8. The media library is now available.

Kayo Sports For Apple TV Users in UK

Installing MediaStreamer DNS for ExpressVPN is required for Apple TV. This is due to Apple TV’s lack of direct connection ability.

  1. Register your IP address by visiting the ExpressVPN DNS Setting page.
  2. Select the desired IP address under Settings Menu on the Setup Page.
  3. Next, select Manual under Network > Nintendo.
  4. Enter the IP address that you previously chose.
  5. To begin watching, download the Kayo Sports application.

Kayo Sports For Smart TV User in UK

Here are some steps to get Hulu on Smart TV:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN.
  2. Sign in and find a local Australian server.
  3. Install the Kayo Sports program.
  4. Stream anything you like!

Note: Kayo Sports is not available on some Smart TVs. Currently, the Kayo Sports application is available as a native application on some Hisense TV models (2019-2021), LG Smart TV models (2018 onwards) and Samsung TV models (2017 onwards). Kayo is also available on several Android based televisions as well.

Kayo Sports For Mac User in UK

Follow these steps to get Kayo sports on your MAC:

  1. Join ExpressVPN and download its app.
  2. Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Network.
  3. Click on the three-dotted action menu and choose Import Configurations.
  4. Connect to an Australian server.
  5. Choose ExpressVPN, and click Import.
  6. Go to Kayo Sports on safari.
  7. Create an account to start streaming.

Kayo Sports For Windows Users in UK

To get Kayo Sports on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ExpressVPN configuration first.
  2. Select VPN under Settings > Network and Internet.
  3. Select ExpressVPN and choose the Australian server to connect to.
  4. Open the computer’s browser and connect the Kayo Sport website.
  5. Create an account and register.
  6. Now, you can stream easily.

Kayo Sports For Chromecast Users in UK

Follow these steps to get Kayo sports :

Get ExpressVPN set up on your phone.

  1. Launch the Kayo app.
  2. On your phone, look for the “cast” option.
  3. Connect it to the display.
  4. Congratulations! You can now stream Kayo Sports.

Kayo Sports Chromecast with Google TV in UK

Here are the steps you may follow to get Kayo sports on Chromecast with Google TV:

  1. Join and become a member of ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and set up the application.
  3. Connect to a server in Australia that is optimized by entering your login information.
  4. Choose Apps from the top navigational menu on your Google TV.
  5. Kayo Sports may be found by tapping on Search for Apps.

6,. For the Kayo Sports application, click Install.

  1. To stream Kayo Sports in the UK, enter your Kayo Sports login information.

What Sports can you watch on Kayo in UK?

Are you a sports lover and want to know what you should watch on Kayo? Then, look down below at the list to know more:

  • NFL
  • NBL
  • AFL
  • NRL
  • SuperCars
  • Rugby Union
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Surfing
  • Ice Hockey
  • UFC
  • Boxing
  • WNBL
  • Hurling
  • Rhythmic World Championships
  • Super League Triathlon

Kayo Sports Live Channels in UK

There are several channels to watch on Kayo. Here is the list:

  • FOX 501
  • ESPN
  • FOX 502
  • FOX 504
  • ESPN 2
  • FOX SPORTS 503
  • FOX SPORTS 505
  • FOX SPORTS 506
  • FOX SPORTS More +

Does Kayo Sports have EPL?

Highlights and replays from the English Premier League are available on Kayo Sports. The three BeIN Sports channels that Kayo offers include these highlights. Additionally, if you have a subscription, you can see special highlights from Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal, three of your favorite English teams.

Does Kayo Sports have IPL?

You may watch live IPL streaming from Canada with the top sports streaming service. Like Fox Cricket, Kayo Sports provides you with high-quality 4k streaming.

Additionally, Canadian residents can watch every IPL game on Kayo. Simply connect your device to the premium VPN, and you may quickly unblock the IPL game on Kayo Sports.

FAQs on Kayo Sports in UK

Can you get Kayo sports in UK?

Yes, now it’s very easy to watch Kayo Sports in the UK with the help of a VPN. Just connect a VPN to your device you are good to go.

Does Kayo Work in UK?

No, it doesn’t. But if you want Kayo to work in the UK, you must have subscribed to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. You can watch Kayo sports in UK.

Can you watch Kayo Sports in UK for free?

No, You cannot watch Kayo Sports for free in the UK, but you can take advantage of a 14-day trial to test the streaming services before paying.

Kayo Sports, something went wrong. What to do?

This mostly happens when you are connected to a free VPN. Get a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to avoid these types of issues.

Do I Need an Australian Payment Method for Kayo Sports in UK?

No. You can use an international credit or debit card to make a transaction, but you must have an Australian phone number to get a confirmation code.

What is the difference between Kayo Basic and Kayo Premium?

You will pay $27.50 for the basic plan and $35 for the premium plan.

The basic package gives you access to two simultaneous device connections, while the premium plan gives you three.

How to Watch NRL Season 2022 Live on Kayo Sports in UK?

NRL Season 2022 is definitely available in Kayo sports, but you should have a VPN to watch it in the UK. We recommend you get your hand on ExpressVPN.

Final Thought

We hope this article helped you to solve all your problems regarding how to get Kayo sports in UK. You don’t need anything else, just a reliable VPN connected to an Australian server, and here you go!

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